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Shelf Seas Modelling Programme

The SSB website will be retired at the end of 2023, up to date information can be found at

Shelf Seas Modelling Programme

The Shelf Seas Modelling programme constitutes one part of the UK NERC Defra Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry programme. The overarching aim of the project is to better understand the cycling of carbon and nutrients within the shelf seas, and the role these regions play in global biogeochemical cycles. During the course of the project SSB-ERSEM has been released as a free, open-source modelling tool for the marine science community. Interested parties are encouraged to register in order to download and use the model for their own purposes. By registering, users are also subscribed to the user mailing list, where they can stay up to date with latest developments and raise or discuss issues.

Click here to read more about the shelf seas programme on the NERC website

Getting started

SSB-ERSEM is currently configured to work in a linux or UNIX environment. Please register here to gain access to the code on GitLab. Once access has been granted please follow the instructions in the quick start guide to begin using the model, other documentation will also be available.

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